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You can expect our first meeting to be about 50 - 75 minutes long.

During this time, we will review the concerns that led you to schedule the appointment.

If we both agree to work together, we will clearly identify your treatment goals and come up with a plan to achieve those goals.  

The plan may involve talk therapy, or treatment with medications, or both.

Follow-up appointments may include:

(1) Talk Therapy,

(2) Medication Management, or,

(3) A combined approach to Mental Health Treatment (involving both Psychiatric Medication Treatment and also Talk Therapy)

These appointments range from 15 - 45 minutes long.


(also known as PSYCHOTHERAPY)

is a collaborative treatment that can help people work through their problems.

There are many different approaches to Psychotherapy, including:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and,

Supportive Psychotherapy.

At the beginning of a course of Talk Therapy treatment, sessions will be held once weekly.  Over time, as insight into the nature of the problem is gained, and strategies for managing the problem are learned, the frequency of the sessions may diminish.  Eventually they may no longer be needed on a regular basis.  Once therapy has concluded, occasional "booster sessions" may be helpful from time-to-time.


(also known as PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION Treatment)

involves the use of medications for the treatment of mental illness.

The appointment time is dedicated to a review of your medications and how they are working for you.  We will consider the benefits, effectiveness, risks, and side-effects of the medications.  Any recommended laboratory tests will be ordered.  Medications will be electronically prescribed to the pharmacy of your choice.

Some patients who opt to work with Dr. Rambo for Medication Management are also working with another mental health clinician for Talk Therapy treatment.  In that case, per request and with written consent, Dr. Rambo is happy to work collaboratively with the Talk Therapy to ensure that the Psychopharmacologic and Psychotherapeutic treatments are well-coordinated.

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