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Dr. Rambo is contracted to work "In-Network" with both Aetna and Cigna health insurance.  If you are an Aetna or Cigna member, Dr. Rambo can submit insurance claims on your behalf.  Once your annual deductible has been met, you would only be responsible for paying any co-pay or co-insurance directly to Dr. Rambo.  Your insurance company would pay the bulk of the appointment cost directly to Dr. Rambo on your behalf.  

Regardless, it is likely helpful for you to find out:

Your Annual Deductible:  This is the amount that you pay "Out of Pocket" each year before your health insurance plan starts contributing to your appointment costs.  Until the annual deductible has been met, you pay the entire appointment fee directly to Dr. Rambo.  Some people have a "No Deductible" or "Low Deductible" insurance plan. Their health insurance plans cover appointment fees from the very beginning of the year.  Other people may have a "High Deductible" insurance plan and find that they are paying appointment costs entirely "Out of Pocket" for quite a while before the deductible has been met and the insurance plan starts contributing to the appointment costs.

Your Co-Insurance or Co-Pay:  This is the amount that you pay "Out of Pocket" per appointment after your annual deductible has been met.  The amount can vary significantly from one plan to another.  Some people have no co-insurance or co-pay.  In that case, appointment costs are paid entirely by the insurance company.  Other people may have a high co-insurance or co-pay.  They may pay a considerable amount of money for each appointment, with the remainder being paid by the insurance company.  

Dr. Rambo also works as an "Out-of-Network" physician with people covered by other health insurance companies.  In this case, you would pay the entire appointment cost directly to Dr. Rambo.  Dr. Rambo can provide you with a "Superbill" which you would then submit to your insurance company.  The amount you pay to Dr. Rambo will initially be applied to any "Out-of-Network Deductible".  Once that deductible is met, the insurance company typically pays a percentage of any additional claims directly to you.  The percentage paid depends on the specific insurance plan.

California and Connecticut State Laws both require health insurance policies to provide the same coverage for treatment provided via tele-health as the coverage provided in-person treatment.

Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance.  Dr. Rambo will not communicate with any health insurance company if you prefer to keep your mental health treatment completely confidential.  In this case, you would be responsible for all costs incurred.

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