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Dr. Rambo is an out-of-network provider.


Patients who are enrolled in large managed health care plans may be able to obtain out-of-network benefits

by switching to the insurance company's Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan.

Unfortunately, the monthly premium may be higher for a PPO plan.


Payments are made in full at the time of appointment.

Upon request, Dr. Rambo is happy to electronically submit claims to insurance companies

on behalf of patients who have medical insurance.


Insurance companies are more likely to pay for insurance claims that are submitted electronically.  

Initially, the amount of each claim will be applied to the out-of-network deductible.  

Once the deductible is met, the insurance company will pay a percentage of any additional claims directly to the patient.

The percentage paid to the patient depends on the patient's specific medical plan.


Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance.

For patients who prefer to keep their mental health treatment completely confidential,

Dr. Rambo would not communicate with any health insurance company.

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